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Examining Children Learned Violent Behaviour through Mass Media content: A Study of Obasajo Model School, Jos. Nigeria (Published)

Several research investigations confirmed there is relationship between violent behavior learned by adolescents and media content. It is on this premise that the study seek a different perspective to confirm the reality of violent content and media effect on adolescents’ behavior in Jos Metropolis considering the spite of  deviant behaviors that does not conform to moral and legal standard in our society. Survey design was implored where a structured and standardized questionnaire was issued out randomly to adolescents, parents and teachers seeking their opinions on the spite of social vices bedevilling our society and its relationship to children exposure to certain media content. The study confirmed that violent behavior and all forms of social vices in the society is a product of an exposure to media content where these adolescents imitate and experiment the behaviour they observed. Conclusively, recommendations were made challenging media organizations, regulatory agencies and parents to as a matter of fact regulate certain content of the media from the view of adolescents where an upright society can be enhanced.

Keywords: Deviant behaviour, Experimentation. Adolescents, Media content., violent behaviour