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Assessment of Mechanical Strength Properties on Automotive Gas-Oil (AGO) Polluted Artisanal PVA Synthetic Fishing Twine (Review Completed - Accepted)

PVA synthetic twine diameters 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm were immersed in unpolluted and polluted states of 0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% AGO concentration of Oyan-lake (0.4ppt), Lagos-lagoon (25ppt) and Sea (37ppt) waters. Tensile strengths (kgf/mm) of 288 treatments were tested with tensile-strength gauge machine (0-200kg) after 16-weeks immersion. Results indicated that tensile strength of the specimens were significantly (P<0.05) influenced by twine thickness. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) showed that R-Tex twine sizes were significant between the test specimens of unpolluted and polluted states. Tensile strength was highest in twine 10mm (mean 131.75±2.5) soaked in 0% AGO of freshwater, lower in 4mm (mean 34.48±4.5) soaked in 80% AGO concentration of marine and lowest in twine 4mm (mean 30.00±3.1) soaked in 100% AGO. The thicker the PVA twine diameters at lowered AGO spillage of fresh, brackish and marine waters respectively, the higher the significant tensile strength value was evaluated

Keywords: Automotive Gas-Oil (AGO), Lagos lagoon (25ppt) and Sea (37ppt) waters, Mechanical strength, Oyan-lake (0.4ppt), PVA synthetic fishing twine