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Body Image and Self- Esteem Among Isra’ University Students (Published)

The study aimed to explore the students’ body image and its relation with self-esteem. The study sample consisted of 300 students (148 males and 152 females). In order to collect data, two instruments were used: Body image scale (28 items) and Rosenberg’s self-esteem scale (10 items). SPSS was used to analyze the data; means, standard derivations, and t-test were used. The results indicated that the Body Image and Self-Esteem of Isra’ University students were low; there was a positive relationship between body image and self-esteem; females were found to be less satisfied with their body image, and there was a significant statistical difference in the relationship between body image and self-esteem, in favour of males.

Keywords: Adolescence, Body Image, Maturity, Students, self-esteem


This research focuses on determinants of recent return and risk performance in the sukuk market. Therefore, this paper attempted to identify different types of risks embedded in sukuk structure and to determine the impact of different types of risks on return of sukuk analyze the relationship between risk and sukuk returns as objectives. Data were collected on periodic basis for determining the impact on daily from 2005 to 2013. This research study considered sukuk returns as dependent variable and many independent variables such as diverse risks, which are interest rate risk, inflation risk, foreign exchange risk, legal risk, Shari’ah compliance risk, credit risk, default risk, maturity risk, liquidity risk, and reinvestment risk. The data presentation and analysis using line charts and descriptive statistics followed by the correlation analysis, regressions i.e. ordinary least square (OLS) are conducted with F and t statistics.Results of this study reveal that Dow Jones maturity base confirmed that four models explain 70% to 80 % of variation such as DJ M3T sukuk return is 80%, DJ M5T sukuk return is 78%, DJ M7T sukuk return is 75% and DJ M10T sukuk return is 75%.There is relationship between market risk ,credit risk ,operational risk , liquidity risk and Sukuk returns. These results revealed that objectives set in this research study proved the relationship between total return and different type of risks. This research has implications for the managerial and policy making level. Since sukuk markets are becoming famous globally developed countries try to adopt Islamic sukuk for prevailing financial crisis

Keywords: Market, Maturity, Performance, Return, Risk