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Utilization of Matlab as a Technological Tool for Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in Schools (Published)

The focus of this paper is to describe the use of MATLAB as a technological tool for the teaching and learning of mathematics in schools. Application of this software in the teaching of some difficult topics like vectors and matrices, distance between two points on a co-ordinate plane, graphs of sine, 3D bar, simultaneous and quadratic equations were demonstrated using the MATLAB. Some recommendations were made on how MATLAB can be applied to enhance in the pedagogical process.

Keywords: Learning, Mathematics, Matlab., Teaching, Technological Tool


Regarding the research work “Use of Matlab for teaching and learning of linear algebra with engineering students from the Universidad de Caldas”, research endorsed by the Vice-rectory of Research from this university, different activities were planned with the purpose of increasing the academic performance and improving linear algebra’s learning (second semester’s engineering subject). To reach this objective, the design and development of an innovative methodology based on laboratory exercises was proposed for each one linear algebra’s topics, by means of mathematical software. The article explains the design of the laboratory “Solution of systems of linear equations using Matlab”.

Keywords: Education, Learning, Linear algebra, Matlab., Status, Systems of linear equations