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Effects of Authentic and Jigsaw Ii Learning Techniques on Students Academic Achievement in Mathematics (Published)

This study aimed to identify the effects of authentic learning technique (Experimental group 1, n = 42), Jigsaw II technique (experimental group 2, n = 42) and instructional teacher-cen-tered learning method (control group, n = 38) on students academic achievement in mathematics. The sample was drawn through simple random sampling technique. In this research, “pre-test/post-test with control group experimental design” was used. The data was collected through a forty item multiple choice objective test on mathematics which were tested for goodness of fit using the big step soft-ware. The internal consistency which was determined with cronback alpha was 0.72 while two research questions directed the conduct of the work. The data collected through the pretest and post test were analyzed by using the independent samples t-test with SPSS. The statistical analyses revealed that there were significant differences between the experimental and control groups in terms of academic achievement of students. It was recommended including others that students should be informed on the purposes of Jigsaw II and authentic learning qualities that the students should have.

Keywords: Authentic Technique, Cooperative learning, Instructional Teacher-Centered Technique, Jigsaw Technique, Mathematics Academic Achievement.