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Investigating the Process of EAP Course Design in a College Context from the Perspectives of Teachers (Published)

Within the domain of TESOL curriculum, course design is the foundation that contributes to shaping, guiding, and articulating the subsequent processes of curriculum development-curriculum implementation and evaluation. The study aims to understand teachers’ experiences regarding the process of course design. The study draws on the interpretive paradigm employing its epistemology and philosophy as an underpinning stance. Accordingly, the qualitative approach has been selected for determining the strategy and methods of sampling, and data collection and data analysis. The findings concerned with the teacher data showed that teachers conceptualize course design as a matter of prioritizing the key component that contributes to shaping and guiding the other elements or components of a course. Based on the findings of data analysis, the study offers a number of implications that are of value for those who are involved in the process of course design, particularly in the current context.

Keywords: Curriculum Development, course design, material design, teacher beliefs