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On the use of Markov Analysis in Marketing of Telecommunication Product in Nigeria (Published)

This paper examined the application of Markov Chain in marketing three competitive networks that provides the same services. Markov analysis has been used in the last few years mainly as marketing, examining and predicting the behaviour of customers in terms of their brand loyalty and their switching from one brand to another. The three networks are Airtel, MTN and Globacom are used as a case study. With the application problem, we examine and answer the question on the proportion of the subscribers that each network have at the end of each month when we assumed the same pattern of gains and losses. We observed that, Airtel has the largest proportion of retaining their subscriber followed by MTN and Globacom in that order. Finally, mean recurrence for each network were also determined.

Keywords: Equilibrium, Markov- Property, Markov-Chain, Networks and Subscribers, Transition Probability