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Albanian Mobile Companies 4G Service Strategies Application (Published)

Albanian mobile market is made of three big players. In this paper the strategies and application for the 4G services of all the operators is discussed and compared. Main point which is tested and discussed in this paper is the quality of service offered by all operators according to their respective clients relative to the application of the strategies pertaining to mobile internet services, and in particular 4G and 4G+ services. The data is organized and gathered according to the SERVQUAL model and his paper is only one piece of a bigger study made in Albanian Telecommunications’ Market. Primary data is analyzed using SPSS. The findings are true and representative of the Albanian market, according to the validity test and the findings.

Keywords: 4G Services, Albania, Marketing Strategy, SERVQUAL, Service Quality, Telecommunication

Marketing Framework in the Dairy Value Chain for Food Security and Sustainable Development in Bungoma County, Kenya (Published)

This paper brings into context the effect of the marketing strategies on the dairy value chain returns and food security in Bungoma County. It highlights marketing strategies and processing activities along the dairy value chain. Much focus is on how marketing of dairy products is done, factors influencing marketing, marketing constraints, household food availability, strategies used by households to cope with food shortages and approaches to making dairy processing sector more attractive to domestic and international investors. Finally, it highlights the strategies and resources devoted to marketing, and the existing linkages between the producers, marketers, processors, and consumers.

Keywords: Dairy Marketing Framework, Dairy Value Chain Returns, Food Security, Marketing Strategy