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The Effect of Marketing Deception on Consumer Buying Decision on Facebook. An Empirical Study on University Students in Libya (Published)

This paper investigates the effect of marketing deception on the consumer behavior. Specifically, it investigates deceptive practices related to the product, price, place and promotion on the consumer purchase process. Since Facebook has become an important social media platform that is widely used in marketing in Libya, this study explores consumer perception of deceptive practices on that social networking site. The data was collected through an online questionnaire that was posted on several groups on Facebook in Libya. The researchers were able to collect 418 complete questionnaires. The findings indicated the marketing deceptive practices has a negative impact on consumer buying purchasing process. This article contributes to the academic knowledge by highlighting the damaging effects of marketing deception on consumer behavior. Moreover, it contributes to practice by providing some guidelines to companies to follow when using Facebook in marketing in Libya. By getting away from marketing deceptive practices, companies will be able to yield the best outcomes from marketing on Facebook. The study is limited by the sample size and the sample nature which consisted of Libyan students. Future research can focus on different social networking sites and different age groups.

Keywords: Consumer Buying Decision, Facebook, Libya., Marketing Deception