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Factors Influencing Commercialization of Farmers’ Cooperatives under Commercial Agriculture Development Project in Cross River State, Nigeria (Published)

This study analyzed the factors influencing commercialization of farmers’ cooperatives under Commercial Agriculture Development Project in Cross-River State, Nigeria. The extent of commercialization by the cooperatives was ascertained, and factors influencing commercialization as expressed by the marketed and marketable surpluses of the cooperatives analyzed. Data collected from 219 purposively sampled cooperatives using CADP list were analyzed using marketed and marketable surplus analyses and the Ordinary Least Square Multiple Regression Technique. The result indicated medium scale operation; with equal value for marketed and marketable surpluses (₦23,354,321,602.00). While marketed surplus was influenced among others by farm size (t = 4.7064) and access to export market (t = 2.9713) marketable surplus was influenced among others by age of cooperative (t = -2.8102) and expenditure on seed (t = -3.4931). Extension education campaign to encourage cooperative societies’ formation and enlistment, and considering the identified variables as valuables for intervention and advocacy were recommended.

Keywords: CADP., Commercialization, Factors, Farmers’ Cooperatives, Marketable Surplus, Marketed Surplus