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Post Hazard Market Recovery Strategy on Consumer Patronage of Bush Meat in Nigeria (Published)

This study sought to evaluate bush meat markets in the aftermath of epidemic out break of the Ebola in Nigeria. In course of epidemics, governments institute regimes of enlightenment campaigns to stop or minimize the consumption, handling and processing of wild animals whens studies show that major segments of the population of countries like Nigeria  are at risk of contracting diseases. Also post epidemic, bush meat consumption drops, thereby giving rise to the need to encourage consumption. The major objective of this research is to empirically study post hazard market recovery strategies on consumer patronage of bush meat in Nigeria. The study was descriptive, using random sampling method to sample 250 respondents in two states of the South-east and South-south regions of Nigeria, applying a five point Likert style questionnaire with 87.3% Cronbach’s alpha value.  Analyses were done using SPSS version 22. First hypothesis was tested with the aid of Pearsons Chi square test producing a significant result. Binary regression analysis was used to fashion out a model for coordinated marketing effort. Three conclusions were reached, in the event of outbreak of an epidemic, “hazard factors” have to be emphasized in the campaign communication, secondly, countering and removing warnings about consumption will significantly affect consumption in  post epidemic period and finally the messages must be clear, credible, and consistent in an effort  to  impact consumption.  Finally, policy reappraisal and modification of present strategies have to be embarked upon to restore normalcy to the market for bush meat.

Keywords: Bush meat, Consumption, Epidemics, Market recovery, Marketing