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Marriage instability has hindered the growth and progress of many homes and children in Nigeria. Many factors could be responsible for this disappointing situation. The study therefore focused on identifying effects of marital instability on children in Abeokuta Metropolis. A descriptive research method was adopted for the study. The total numbers of two hundred and fifty one (251) respondents were selected from Abeokuta Metropolis using stratified and systematic sampling technique with the use questionnaires to collect information from respondents who participated in the study. The data collected were carefully analysed using percentages supported by chi-square to represent the raw data in a meaningful manner. it was discovered that children of divorced/separated are prone to drug addiction, armed robbery, commercial sex workers and other forms of criminal activity, not only that they also tend to go wayward, naughty, unruly and rebellious. The study also established that children who grow up in a single parent family are more likely to be used for trafficking, rituals and house helps than the children who grow up in an intact family. It is therefore recommended that family counselling be emphasized by the stakeholders (government, religious leaders, and counsellors to minimise instability in the family and effort should be intensified to discourage marital discord

Keywords: Marital Instability; Divorce, Marriage, Metropolis, Separated, children, family