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Nagi Methods of Map Quality Evaluation (Published)

Map quality evaluation is one of the important tasks that can face map specialists in particular and map users in general. Numerical description of the map product to justify its quality was studied by the author who has developed before, a new approach of map quality evaluation that, successfully applied globally by different researchers. Here, in this research work, a new formula has been developed to numerically evaluate map product. The evaluation base on computing a satisfaction factor suggested to be called Weighted Nagi Factor. The developed formula assumes different weights of the map criteria according to map application or specification adopted. This new Weighted Nagi Method, successfully applied to a sample map product of Khartoum state survey authority. Results proved that the new weighted method is practicable to numerically describe a map product taking into account the importance of each criteria adopted according to a particular application. The method is also simple and easy to be applied by any stakeholder, map quality evaluator or map user.   

Keywords: Average, Map standards, Nagi Factor, Quality Assurance, Quality control, Weight, Weighted Nagi-Factor, Weighted average