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Supervision of Manpower Training and Development in the Nigerian Education System: An Important Role of the Education Manager (Published)

Manpower training and development are very essential for organizational effectiveness and efficiency especially in the education system. When manpower is adequately trained and developed, the positive impact is felt on organizational output. Looking at Nigeria’s educational system, it is important to note that the level of training and staff development would determine the quality and standard of Nigerian education. Achieving quality and standardization of Nigerian education is not an easy task. It needs the commitment of all educational stakeholders, particularly the education managers. When the processes of training and developing education manpower are duly supervised by the education managers, school effectiveness and improvement are achieved and this would get Nigeria and the Nigerian people close to achieving the much preached about quality education in Nigeria. A lot are involved in effective and efficient manpower training and development in the Nigerian education system. This may include the act of trying to impact on education workers new knowledge and skills that would assist them in their effective job performance, give them the ability to take on new roles and responsibilities, and make them adapt to and adopt changes in the education system. With constant innovation in education nationally and internationally, and the era of globalization and digitalization, constant training and development of education manpower and regular supervision of such training and development programmes by education managers are advised, encouraged and recommended. This paper wants to look at the role of education managers in the supervision of manpower training and development in the Nigerian education system.

Keywords: Manpower training and development, Nigerian education system and Education manager, Supervision