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Manpower Planning and Organizational Effectiveness in Akwa Ibom State University (Published)

Manpower planning or Human Resource planning constitutes very important component and resource base of any organization, be it private or public sector organization. It is against this backdrop that this study identified mismatch of employee with works and lack of requisite training and development as well as proper forecast and projection on manpower needs of organization with environmental realities as problems in order to examine the impact of manpower planning challenges on organizational effectiveness of Akwa Ibom State University. The study adopted a descriptive survey design methodology. Both primary and secondary sources instrumentation was used to collect data for the study. The population of the study was 1,225 comprised of both academic and non-academic staff of Akwa Ibom State University and the sample size of 302 was adopted. The Taro Yamane techniques coupled with regression, correlation analysis was used to test hypotheses with the aid of statistical packages for social sciences (SPSS). The finding of the study revealed that there is significant positive effect of staff mix utilization on the productivity of the Akwa Ibom State University. On the other hand, significant negative effect was shown on work life balance both on the climate of the university and that of motivation/incentive on efficiency and service delivery of the staff of the University. It is the recommendation of the study that training and retraining of staff of Akwa Ibom State University should be targeted towards equipping them with specific knowledge and skills to enhance their efficiency and productivity. The manpower development programme of Akwa Ibom State University should be strengthened and made continuous to meet the contemporary demands of staff output, sustainable motivated packages to boost performance and service delivery.

Citation: Okon, Edet Effiong; Akpanim, N. Ekpe ; Malachy, Usoro (2022) Manpower Planning and Organizational Effectiveness in Akwa Ibom State University, Global Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol.10, No.3, pp.1-50

Keywords: Innovativeness, Organizational effectiveness, Training needs, employee’s work life balance and climate, manpower planning, staff mix and productivity