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Examining Employee Quality of Work Life (Qwl) As a Determinant of Managerial Effectiveness in Business Organizations: A Study of Nigeria Breweries Plc, Lagos (Published)

The objective of the study is to examine employee the impact of Quality of Work Life (QWL) as a determinant of managerial effectiveness in Business Organizations: A case study of Nigerian Breweries plc, Lagos was chosen. The data for the study was obtained mainly through primary and secondary sources. Five (5) point likert rating scale questionnaire were used to obtain data from the respondents. Pilot test was conducted and the input variable factors used in the study were subjected to exploratory factor analysis to investigate whether the construct as described fits the factors from factor analysis. Kaiser-Meyer Oikin test (KMO) and Bartlett’s test of Sphericity (BTS) were used. Two hypotheses were formulated and tested using multiple regression analysis. The findings from the study revealed that several challenging factors are affecting Quality of Work Life (QWL) attainment in Nigerian Breweries Plc. These include employee attitude, working environment, opportunities, nature of work, stress, job challenges, development and career potentials amongst others. The study also reveals that several strategies are adopted by the firm to improve quality of work life (QWL) in enhancing managerial effectiveness. These are adoption of self-managed teams, rewards, work force awareness, work life balance strategy, freedom of choice amongst others. The study recommends that adoption of QWL programmes such as enrichment, social – technical redesign of tasks/ work self-managed teams, participation by employees in decision making, workers empowerment approaches, fair compensations, better communication between management and labor and above all adequate security for workers to facilitate managerial effectiveness.

Keywords: Business Organizations, Employees, Managerial Effectiveness, Quality of Work Life (QWL)