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Environmental Intelligence and Innovation Capabilities of Communication Companies in Nigeria (Published)

This is an empirical investigation on the impact of environmental intelligence and innovation capabilities of communication companies in Nigeria. Data was generated from three communication companies in Nigeria. The study data were analyzes using descriptive statistics of frequencies, central tendencies, and measures of dispersion whereas the test of hypotheses was done using Spearman’s Rank Order Correlation Co-efficient aided with Statistical Package for Social Science version 21.0. The test for hypotheses revealed that there is a significant relationship between environmental intelligence and innovation capabilities. So, therefore, communication companies that want to attain success and stay innovational for a long time must ensure that they pay attention to the functioning of environmental factors that could hinder the achievement of the goals of the organization in the long run.

Citation: Lawrence, Damiete Onyema and Poi, Godwin (2021)  Environmental Intelligence and Innovation Capabilities of Communication Companies in Nigeria, European Journal of Business and Innovation Research, Vol.9, No.5, pp. 34-46



Keywords: Operational Efficiency, employee competencies, environmental intelligence, innovation capabilities, managerial capabilities