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Human Resource Management and Management Information System in A Select Deposit Money Banks in Akwa Ibom State (Published)

This research was designed to examine the relationship between Human Resource Management and Management Information System in a Select Deposit Money Banks in Akwa Ibom State. A survey research design was adopted for the study and a sample size of 181 respondents was drawn from the population of 330. For the objective of the study to be achieved, four hypotheses were formulated. The major instrument for data collection was a structured questionnaire administered to the respondents using Random Sampling Techniques. Data collected were analyzed using simple percentage and Pearson Product Moment Correlation. Results show that there is a significant correlation between system software, Supervisor support, employee network design, business and process knowledge and Management Information System. Based on the finding of the analysis, it is concluded that Software design, supervisor support, employee network design, business and process knowledge are significant positive determinants of Human resource management. Companies that consider the application of management information system dimensions are likely to record a better HRM Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Although all four (4) management information system dimensions were strongly correlated, the coefficient for business and process knowledge was seen as the dimension that had the highest significant influence at 0.874 on the human resource. Consequently, it is recommended that Deposit Money Banks in Akwa Ibom State should help in the development of human resources management information system to measuring goals through training programs.

Keywords: Human Resources Management, Management Information System, Software Design, Supervisor Support, business and process knowledge, employee network design

Management Information System and Quality of Corporate Reporting in Nigeria (Published)

With the whole world now a global village with all wired via computer systems the business system environment is then dominated by computerised technology. The purpose of this paper was to examine the effect of management information system as a process for improving the key variants of organisation functions as it affects revenue, cost, data security and consequentially the organizational achievement of contributing to the stakeholders welfare.There is hardly any distinction in the utilisation of management information system from small to large organisations, it’s a function of birds nesting according to size and thus the review is taken from the statutory compliance, customer database management and the safety of the data involved including the hardware devices. Accounting information system and the operational information system combined with separate or integrated forecasting and reporting tool are essential components of information management and most critically the people that will operate the system. The research design was descriptive survey to study and observe the influence of management information system in organizational success in a competitive cyber-crime prone environment. The analysis revealed that all proxies of management information system such as general information system, production simulation system, reporting package, forecasting tool have a significant positive effect on the statutory reporting compliance (Adjusted R2= 0.945, F-statistics = 351.505. : p= 0.000<0.05). All proxies of management information system have a significant positive effect on customer relationship management (Adjusted R2= 0.847, F-statistics = 113.534.: p= 0.000<0.05). The result also shows all proxies of management information system have a positive effect on data storage and security (Adjusted R2= 0.935, F-statistics = 291.517.: p= 0.000<0.05). Thus, the study concluded that the proxies of management information system considered have a significant positive influence on the quality of corporate reporting.

Keywords: Customer Relationship Management, Management Information System, Organizational Performance

Mineral Resources Management Information System (Published)

Proper utilization of mineral resources are essential for the economy of a nation to prosper. However, a promising economy like that of Nigeria with all its potentials has continued to struggle due to mismanagement and overdependence on crude oil and perennial neglect of other mineral resources. Regrettably, it seems that some Nigerian citizens are oblivious of the wealth of their nation, in terms of mineral resources coupled with the fact that Nigeria does not have a known viable and comprehensive database for existing mineral resources, which has led to poor foreign and private investment in this sector. The aim of this research is centred on providing awareness, as well as an avenue for efficient management of mineral resources. In view of the foregoing, the guiding principles of the Rational Unified Process software methodology was adopted whereas implemented was achieved with the use of tools like Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL and HTML. Consequently, the system upon completion, created a first-step solution to the problem of mismanagement, by providing a relatively comprehensive database and an avenue for the management of these resources.

Keywords: Management Information System, Mines, Nigeria, Solid Minerals, resources