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Role of Society-Based Forest Management for Improving Rural Livelihoods: A Study of Bogra District, Bangladesh (Published)

Social forestry (SF) is a government adopted forest management practice introduced with the help of ADB since 1982. In Bangladesh, the challenge of natural catastrophes and the high density of population, social forestry is a potential sector for sustainable development of rural livelihoods. The overall objectives of this study are to determine how to improve the utilization of forest products and the livelihoods of the participants through social forestry. The analysis is carried out through a household survey, using a random sampling, along with formal and informal discussion with the participants and the data which is collected from district forest office (DFO).The results show that SF is effective for improving sustainable development of rural livelihoods through various activities that create positive attitude among people to foster social development.

Keywords: Management Committee, Rural Livelihood, Rural People, Social Forestry, Sustainable Development