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Demographic Structure and Dynamics of Manufacturing Output in Nigeria (Published)

The manufacturing sector is ubiquitously seen as the pathway to economic growth and development due to its driving potentials. Modern theories present population increase in an optimistic light as opposed to the doomsday assertion of Malthus. It is in light of this foregoing that this study examines the impact of population growth on the manufacturing sector output in Nigeria for the stretch of 1981 to 2018. The population growth was ventilated into male population growth, female population growth and youth population to help examine which category of population spur or inhibit the growth of the manufacturing sector output. The test for long-run association between manufacturing output ratio to GDP and population components was done using the normalized co-integration technique. In addition, the study used the error correction mechanism (ECM) to examine the short run dynamics of the variables and the speed at which past year’s disequilibrium will be corrected in the current period. The normalized co-integration showed a positive and significant relationship between male population growth and manufacturing sector contribution to GDP, while a negative and significant long run relationship was found between female population growth, youth population growth and manufacturing sector contribution to GDP respectively. The study hence recommended an aggressive entrepreneurial awareness programmes and starter packs to help draw in the active and vibrant youth population and a parity or non-dichotomy in employment, pay and other employment benefits between male and female employees.

Keywords: Nigeria, Youth, female population growth, male population growth, manufacturing output, population growth