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Migrant Workers (Indonesian Workers) In Madura (Published)

The purpose of this study was to find out what the motives of the people to become migrant workers. Finally, identifying the process of becoming a migrant worker. The method used in this study is interviews and literature studies. The informants of this research are people who have become migrant workers and will become migrant workers. Research location in Madura (enclave of Indonesian migrant workers). The results showed that the motivation to become TKI was due to economic factors, prestise factor like to make house and Haji. Besides that they want to develop talent. The countries with the most destinations are Malaysia, and  Saudi Arabia The process of becoming a migrant worker is legal dan illegal. Usually, illegal process use the services of brokers. They don’t want to register themselves. The reason is by using brokers the process is easier and faster. The departure process is legal and some are illegal.

Keywords: Madura, Migrant Workers, Process

Revitalization of Women’s Cooperative (Kopwan) Based Local Wisdom (Published)

The purpose of research is to analyze the problems of women’s cooperatives in Sampang. Benefits of this study are consistent with Nawacita President Jokowi is to realize economic independence by moving the strategic sectors of the domestic economy. The methodology used in this research is qualitative descriptive. Data collection techniques in this study is the observation and interviews. The research subject is women’s cooperatives (members, administrators). The type of data in this study, there are two primary data and secondary data. Primary data were obtained from observations and interviews, while the secondary data obtained from the documentation, literature and the literature of the relevant agencies. In this study the validity or correctness of the information and the stabilization achieved by using triangulation is done by comparing the information of members of  Women`s cooperative ( Kopwan)  with the position (status) are different. The study population was women’s cooperatives in Sampang with purposive sampling election. From the research findings, Kopwan very weak performance from the aspect of technological mastery (the market), access to market information and  sources of capital .Moreover, human resource capacity is still low. The conclusion of this study is the need to strengthen management, capital support and appropriate technology. There was also need for the availability of raw materials and human resources (HR) is concerned to improve the performance of SMEs and Kopwan on Madura.

Keywords: Capital, Human Resources, Madura, Management, Women's Cooperative

Community Construction of Female Circumcision in Madura (Published)

The purpose of this study to explore about the construction of Madurese society against female circumcision. The specific purpose of this study was to analyze the motives (reasons) behind female circumcision and the process of female circumcision. The method used in this research is an in-depth interview on the informant. The research informants were circumcised women, dukun (medical) who performed female circumcision. The result of the research shows that the reason for female circumcision motive is to dispose of najis women, preserving customs

Keywords: Female Circumcision, Madura, Unclean

Training Center in Madura (Problems and Challenges) (Published)

The purpose of this research is to identify problems, challenges of Training Center and Department of Labor. In addition, to explore the reasons, the motive of society to become TKI. The method used in this research is qualitative. Techniques of collecting interview data and observation. The subjects of the study were the Training Center in Sampang. The results showed that the existing barriers in the Sampang BLK are lack of infrastructure, lack of facilities and infrastructure. There is no specific program done from BLK specifically for prospective TKI.Mayoritas prospective migrant workers do not have special skills related to their work in the destination country.

Keywords: Madura, TKI, Training Center