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Factors Affecting the Damages Aceh and Indonesia Respondent Levels (Factors Affecting Indonesia-Aceh Employment Rate Inquality) (Published)

The study of the relation between unevenness of regional unemployment rate to national, with macro economic variable in region still relatively little studied by economic researchers. Whereas unemployment inequality is basically associated with various variables including non-economic variables as well as criminal rates. This study aims to analyze the factors that affect the imbalance of Aceh’s unemployment rate to Indonesia. The data analyzed is quarterly data during the period of 2000-2015. The data analysis tool used is autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL). The study finds that in the short term the unemployment imbalance of Aceh to Indonesia is affected by unemployment imbalance itself, security condition, inflation, infrastructure investment, human resource investment and banking credit channeling. In the long run, all of the explanatory variables also affect the unemployment imbalance of Aceh towards Indonesia.

Keywords: Crime Level and Autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL)., Macroeconomic Variable, Unemployment Unequal


Due to the immense contribution of commercial banks to the economic development in Nigeria, this research investigate the impact of macroeconomic variables on profitability of banks in Nigeria from 1990-2013. Pooled Ordinary least method is used to determine the effect of three major factors; gross domestic product (GDP), interest rate (INTR) and inflation (INFR) on return on equity (ROE) which proxies’ profitability. The findings from the empirical point of view show a positive relationship of gross domestic product (GDP) with return on equity (ROE). Interest rate and inflation rate have a negative relationship with return on equity (ROE). Gross domestic product have a significant positive effect on Return on equity(ROE) while interest rate have a significant negative effect on return on equity(ROE) but inflation is not significant at all levels of significance.

Keywords: Commercial Banks in Nigeria, Macroeconomic Variable, Profitability