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Computation of Nuclear Binding Energy and Incompressibility with A New M3y-Type Effective Interaction (Published)

This paper presents the computation of nuclear binding energy per nucleon and incompressibility of infinite nuclear matter with a new effective interaction obtained on the basis of the lowest order constrained variational approach. Using the interaction in its density-dependent form, a binding energy per nucleon ε = -16MeV was reproduced at a saturation density, ρ0 = 0.17fm−3. It has also been used in a zero-range pseudo-potential approximation to obtain a range of values of incompressibility (K∞ = 301 – 307 MeV) based on a choice of a narrow range of acceptable values of saturation density. The results of the computation, when compared with previous work, have impressively proven to be in good agreement, suggesting that the new interaction is viable and might do well in folding calculations with an appropriate inclusion of density and energy dependence like its M3Y-Reid counterpart.

Keywords: Computation, M3y-Type Effective Interaction, Nuclear Binding Energy