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Determination of Complications Decrease the Risk Factor in Cattle Infected By Lumpy Skin Disease Virus in Diyala Province, Iraq (Published)

The present study was conducted on 150 cattle of different breed in Diyala province. Their age ranged from 1 month 15 years of different sexes. All suspected animals were clinically examined and the infected animals were classified according to the severity of clinical status into mild and severe forms. Effect of breed, sex and age of infected animals, were studied. The study show the LSD is more sever in crossbreed and frezian cow than native cow and more sever in small age groups than adult result in edema in the brisket and skin cellulites and eruption of nodules which facilitate to screw worm infestation . The hematological examination of LSD revealed to slight decrease of total RBCs. Blood smears were revealed presence of blood parasite infestation as Babesia, Theileria and Anaplasma. The main target of treatment trials to save the animal life and to prevent LSD complications.

Keywords: Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Lumpy Skin Disease, Theileriosis