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Rural Tourism Management Strategies in Gubugklakah Village Malang (Indonesia): Road to the Asean Tourism Forum (ATF) Awards (Published)

This article is the result of our study on the rural tourism management strategies in Gubugklakah Village Malang. The study aims to investigate how the strategies applied based on the standardization of the vision of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia in seeking for tourism destinations to be nominated in ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) awards. Based on the findings, we proposed the restructuring of management comprising the formation of institutional structure, the initiation of tourist village program, the establishing of secretariat, and social media promotion. This proposal has been adjusted with the standards set by the ministry. The method used was in-depth interview on the management and local authority to obtain the relevant data. This proposal is expected to be used by the ministry as reference to realize the vision.

Keywords: ASEAN Tourism Forum, Gubugklakah Village, local tourism, standardization