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Promoting the beauty of Yoruba traditional fabric of Aso- Oke for international consumption and sustainable development (Published)

Yoruba people are predominantly found in southwestern and north central Nigeria, some part of Benin republic and Togo. The Aso-Oke weaving was introduced into Yoruba land in the 15th century, and since then it has been part of the culture till date with different modification over time. This paper examines how this fabric can be promoted to gain acceptance for international consumptions which will helps develops the local crafts industry as this leads to employment opportunities, increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and a veritable source of foreign exchange for Nigeria. The paper provides an insight into the local production technique of the fabric, the types of fabrics and other wares that can be made from the fabrics, sewing methods and types of garment that can be produced for export and possible export channels for international market.

Keywords: Aso oke, Employment, Sustainable Development, fabrics, local craft, sewing and market.