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Analysis of Mechanisms for Promoting Local Content towards National Development in Nigeria: A Case Study of NOGICD ACT, the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) and its Community Content Guideline (CCG) (Published)

The quest for the growth of indigenous businesses and investments in the nation’s economy and necessity to maximize participation of Nigerians in oil and gas activities have prompted the “indigenization” policy which was first articulated as a legal instrument in the Nigeria’s Petroleum Act of 1969. The paper considers the situation where the region that produces the bulk of national wealth and contributes so much to global oil wealth, is at the same time, the region where local dwellers ravaged in extreme poverty as reason for the government to constantly review its approach and strategy towards achieving the intention for indigenization. The paper assesses the various initiatives set forth to position Nigerians to fully access the benefits and opportunities within the nation’s oil and gas industry. It observes that the NOGIC Act 2010 which gives birth to the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) and the consequential  Community Content Guideline (CCG) constitute a paradigm shift in the Nigerian oil and gas industry. The paper concludes that considering the current global economic order, the NOGIC Act provides a viable path to sustainable national economic development while the Community Content Guideline CCG is a veritable vehicle for fast tracking development in community context.

Keywords: CCG, Indigenization, NCDMB, National Development, Nigeria, local content

Local Content Development in the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects (Published)

In the past, the major players in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria were the international oil companies (IOCs). There was inadequate skilled workforce in the industry especially with respect to indigenous participation in the oil and gas projects. Consequently, the IOCs relied heavily on expatriates to carry out projects in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria which ordinarily would have been handled by Nigerians. In order to boost local participation in the oil and gas projects and create more employment opportunities for the locals, the federal government of Nigeria in 2010, enacted the Local Content Act in recognition of the inadequacy of the indigenous human capital development in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. However, the Local Content development policy of the federal government is without some problems which have affected the effective and efficient implementation of the policy. This paper therefore, examines the local content development policy of the federal government, identifies its problems and prospects, and makes appropriate recommendations.

Keywords: Development, Industry, Nigeria, Oil and Gas, local content