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Literature Review on Trust, Psychological Well-Being, and Leadership Applied To the Workplace Commitment (Published)

An extensive literature review on perceived leadership and organizational commitment process is presented, comprehending trust, psychological well-being, and the quality of exchange between leaders and executive members. Key findings pointed out higher teams` commitment and performance in the workplace. This article addresses servant leadership and provides substantial advice for practitioners to improve organizational functioning. Finally, a discussion on the implications and recommendations for future research compile the present study.

Keywords: Commitment, LMX, Leadership, Psychological well-being, Trust


Leadership has a central role and function in addressing sensitive issues in the enterprise. One of the sensitive issues in a company is related to the diversity of employees is discrimination by one side against the other party. Discrimination against employees is an act discriminating individual (employee) based on the characteristics of the local population, nationally and globally which includes various forms of diversity of gender, ethnicity, and region of origin. Discrimination and diversity policies practices have an impact on the need to be fulfilled. Implementation of an affirmative action policy in the scope of the company to accelerate the emerging perception of diversity by the employees themselves. This has an impact on the quality of employment. Employees who feel slighted or feel a deficiency value added in him will feel inferior or subordinate. This will certainly lead to the achievement of the quality of work may not be optimal.

Keywords: Affirmative Action Policy, Employee Work Quality, LMX