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The Impact of Covid-19 on International Commercial Arbitration: challenges and solutions (Published)

This article examines the potential impact on future international arbitration proceedings. In the first chapter of this article, the researcher addressed the definition and its introduction and in the second chapter the researcher addressed the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on international arbitration, including the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on an international arbitration hearing and the impact of the epidemic on international litigation that addressed developments. In this regard, at the international level, the most appropriate sources, technology and digital record systems are changing, with strategies used in technology that maintains processes. In the following current events, the researcher addresses the impact of arbitration practices. In the Third chapter, the researcher dealt with the measures taken to Confrontation the challenges of international arbitration, and dealt with the legal basis for remote hearings in the International Chamber of Commerce, the American Arbitration Association, the London Committee of International Arbitration, and the Chinese International Economic and Commercial Arbitration Committee. The researcher concluded this study in the last chapter with some findings and recommendations.

Citation: Khaled Abed Alshakhanbeh (2022) The Impact of Covid-19 on International Commercial Arbitration: challenges and solutions, Global Journal of Politics and Law Research, Vol.10, No.1, pp.23-32



Keywords: : international arbitration, COVID-19, Litigation, commercial law

Critical Review of Adjudication and Mediation Methods of Dispute Resolution In Terms Of Time, Costs, Effectiveness and the Overall Interests of the Parties (Published)

This paper identifies the positive and negative aspects of adjudication and mediation as alternative methods of construction dispute resolution to arbitration and litigation.  Upon examination of relevant literature, judicial findings, and anecdotal evidence, it is evident that adjudication and mediation have proven to be less adversarial and more efficient and cost effective approaches to resolving disputes in the Industry.  With the recent improvements in the adjudication process, these have resulted in reducing the incidence of court hearings, and maintaining a working relationship between contracting parties for present and future project purposes.  This research information will allow parties in dispute situations to understand such aspects, and make an informed decision as to which dispute resolution process may best suit their interests, and the interests of those concerned.

Keywords: Adjudication, Adjudicator, Arbitration, Cash flow, Claim, Construction Act, Contract, Cost, Dispute, Jurisdiction, Litigation, Mediation, Mediator, Natural Justice, Notice, Scheme, Summary Judgement, Time, Without Prejudice