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Translation is the method of converting a Source text into Target text. Translation aims at producing a text that not only contains the real essence of source text but also is acceptable in target culture. In this article, translators have chosen the text from “Zaviya” which is pith of philosophical articles of Dr.Ashfaq Ahmed. The very article which has been chosen to be translated in this paper is “Salute to Non-Degree Technologists”. The evident hilarious and thought provoking glimpse can be felt by reading the name. The translators have tried to maintain the grace of original text in target text. This text was written by Dr.Ashfaq Ahmed and the purpose behind translating this article into English was to convey Pakistani Literature to Western world by portraying the mystery behind philosophy of “Non Degree Technologists”.The translators have chosen the discipline of applied translation by focusing on the target text theory. The literal method of translation has been used to preserve the spirit of source text by not harming the charm of target text. English language was chosen to translate the Urdu text. English is an international language having the beauty and charm of engrossing any language of the world.

Keywords: Inter-lingual translation, Target text approach, applied translation, literal translation., translation