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Research on the Teaching Efficiency of Esp From The Perspective Of Linguistic Economics (Published)

ESP, English for special purposes, is a new development of College English teaching in China,which is helpful for the future development of students’ language skills and future career. But because of the unsystematic ESP teaching pedagogy and insufficient theoretical supports, there are many problems which affect the teaching efficiency of ESP courses. In this paper, the author firstly gives the literature review of the research on the Linguistic Economics and introduces the teaching practice of the ESP courses in China. Finally, from the perspective of linguistic economics, the author analyses the problems which affect the teaching efficiency and proposes several pieces of suggestions with the purpose to facilitate the ESP teaching practice and improve the teaching. The paper tries to explore the new ways of improving the teaching efficiency of the ESP courses, but due to the limitations of the research ability, it is far too enough to elaborate the issues clearly, more issues need to be addressed in the coming research.

Keywords: ESP, Linguistic Economics, Problems in Teaching, Teaching Efficiency, Teaching Strategies