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Line Balancing and Performance: A Study of Selected Breweries in Anambra State, Nigeria. (Published)

This study presents a heuristic procedure for improving performance in breweries companies. A study of SABMiller (Intafact beverages) Ltd and Life Continental Plc, Anambra State was adopted. The objective of this study is to balance the Production line and improve performance of Hero beer and life beer. In this study, a new heuristic approach, the Rank Positional Weight (RPW) method was used in designing the new production line. Data collected for this research is based on primary information. The finding of the research shows that after line balancing the cost of labour decreased by 1.3 per cent for Hero beer and 6.24 per cent for Life beer and production line efficiency was found to have increased by 18.9 per cent for Hero beer and 10 per cent for Life beer. The study recommends that companies should adopt the new production line and empty inspection light should also be replaced with a new one for higher performances.

Keywords: Assembly Line Balancing (ALB), Balancing Techniques, Cycle Time and Bottleneck., Idle Time, Line Efficiency, Task Time