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The Iwok-Nwikpe Distribution: Statistical Properties and Application (Published)

In this paper, a new continuous probability distribution named ‘Iwok-Nwikpe distribution’ is proposed. Some of the important statistical properties of the new distribution were derived. The shapes of the probability density function, cumulative distribution function and the survival function have been displayed for different values of the parameter.  The moment generating function, the first three raw moments, the second and third moments about the mean and the distribution of order statistics were also derived. The parameters of the new distribution were estimated using maximum likelihood method. The flexibility of the Iwok-Nwikpe distribution was demonstrated using some real life data sets. The goodness of fit showed that the Iwok-Nwikpe distribution outperforms the one parameter exponential, Lindley, Shanker, Sujatha and Amarendra distributions for the data sets used in this work

Citation: Iwok, Iberedem Aniefiok and Nwikpe, Barinaadaa John (2022) The Iwok-Nwikpe Distribution: Statistical Properties and Application, European Journal of Statistics and Probability, Vol.10, No.1, pp., 33-48,


Keywords: Lindley distribution, Moment Generating Function, Order statistics, Parameter estimation, Shanker distribution, Sujatha distribution, Survival function and Goodness of fit

Reliability Analysis of Symmetrical Columns with Eccentric Loading (Published)

This paper presents the reliability of the symmetrical columns with eccentric loading about one and two axes due to the maximum intensity stress and minimum intensity stress. In this paper a new lifetime distribution is introduced which is obtained by compounding exponential and gamma distributions (named as Lindley Distribution [L D]). Hazard rate, Mean time to failure has been discussed. It is observed from the results that the Reliability is decreasing when the load and scale parameter (  are increasing. It is observed that the area of cross section increased from 1000mm2 to 10000mm2 caused the increasing of reliability from 0.50 to 0.93 at minimum intensity.

Keywords: Eccentric load., Hazard rate Mean time to Failure, Intensity stress, Lindley distribution, Reliability