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An Analysis of Optimal Inventory Accounting Models – Pros and Cons (Published)

In this paper titled “An Analysis of Optimal Inventory Accounting Models – Pros and Cons” researchers endeavor an attempt by doing ardent work that in any kind of organization, inventory accounting plays significant role in overall supply chain management as well maintaining profitable relationship amongst producers, sellers (organizations) and primarily customers. After thorough study, researchers have found that for the efficient, smooth and profitable functioning of organizations, inventory accounting system should be able to fulfill the requirements between supply and demand of products available in stock. In this research paper researchers investigate different inventory accounting methods and explore their popularity amongst different inventory models and also make emphasis of analysis of different available methods. Researchers also make an attempt to explore valid reasons in each described inventory accounting method as per different objectives of organizations in detail.

Keywords: Fefo, Fifo, Hifo, Lifo, Nifo