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CONFINTEA, EFA, MDGs AND SDGs: Reviewing Goals, Targets and Nigerians Policy Framework for Adult and Lifelong Learning (Published)

This article examines the various international commitments to adult education and lifelong learning such as the CONFINTEA, EFA, MDGs and SDGs. The paper reviews the goals of these global declarations comparing the 4th goals of   SDGs with EFA goals and constrains to attaining the CONFINTEA, EFA and MDGs in Nigeria while reviewing the efforts of the Nigerian government in attaining these goal. The paper argued that adult education is a   Cinderella of all global policy framework for development, but it has received lest attention and less budgetary allocation in Nigeria and that the policy deficiency in lifelong learning and adult education over the years could undermine the attainment of goal 4 of SDG in Nigeria

Keywords: Adult Learning, Cinderella, Lifelong learning, Policy Framework, Sustainability

Lifelong Learning for Career Enhancement and Professional Development among Secretarial Staff of University of Port Harcourt (Published)

This paper examines the institutional framework for Lifelong Learning opportunities of secretarial staff of University of Port Harcourt and their career development efforts. The study adopted descriptive survey design, with a population of 420. The sample size was 50% of the population (210) drawn through a proportionate sampling method. A structured questionnaire was used to elicit response from the respondents. The instrument has a reliability index of 0.70. Results shows that the institution provides Lifelong opportunities for secretarial staff, and the staff also makes attempt to develop their career. The study also found that there is a significant relationship between provision of Lifelong opportunities and career development of staff. The paper concludes that institutions and organizations should provide enabling environment for the career development of their staff.

Keywords: Career enhancement, Lifelong learning, Professional development and Secretarial staff.