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An Exploration of the 2019 General Elections in Nigeria: A Review of the Legal Framework (Published)

Elections in Nigeria, particularly from 1999 after the armed forces hand over to a democratically elected government, the political authority have continued to be the foremost system of accomplishing justifiable ruling. Nigerian electoral system has been modeled after American democratic system. However, whether this electoral replica has improved democratic system in Nigeria and Africa as a whole is controversial. It must be clearly stated that ballot snatching, vote buying, distribution of food items for the purposes of winning elections always occur and the 2019 general elections is not an exception. Hence, the main focus of this article is to analyze the synopsis of elections in Nigeria and review the legal framework. From this point of view, a resonance electoral progression is intended to accomplish four essential objectives which are accountable and responsible leadership, openness, communal fairness and a passionately partaking electorate. The western world from where Nigeria copied its electoral system has significantly perfected the procedures desirable for their own environment to accomplish the aforementioned objectives while Nigeria is still battling to achieve the aforementioned goals as evidenced from numerous election Petitions that trails every election. The methodology adopted is doctrinal and the secondary research method involving the use of published scholarly books, journals, internet materials, daily newspapers, magazines and encyclopedia. At this juncture, the research recommended among other things that the electoral sanity can be accomplished through developing fundamental apparatus such as the tenet of law, parliamentary sovereignty and headship that reverence public views.

Keywords: Elections, Life, Reformation, ballot boxes, electoral law, snatch

The Phenomenon of Circle Living Field in Secanggang Langkat, Medan, Indonesia (Published)

Fisherman’s life is generally synonymous with poverty, this can be seen from the slum state of residence and the houses of a waterless stage and poor health environment and the low education of the fishermen. The problems of this research are. a. How is the life of fishermen in Secanggang village Langkat, b. how the government’s role in tackling the life of fishermen in a cleavage c. What should the government do for the future of fishermen in Secanggang village langkat.This research is a juridical descriptive whose data source is done by field research and documentation, data collecting is done by interview, quieter, observation, research result, fisherman at Secanggang village Langkat still using traditional fishing gear and 35% fishermen do not have fishing facilities especially bots, fishermen live depending on weather and natural conditions, and sea waves, to sustain family life the fishermen have to borrow money at collector which will be paid later with the catch of the fish. The children in Secanggang village Langkat do not criticize education because they prefer to catch fish and get money and the children just finish junior high school to continue to high school is very difficult because of unfavorable economic conditions and transportation costs are quite high.

Keywords: Circle, Fisherman, Henomenon, Life

Residents’ Satisfaction with Residential Quality of Life in the old Port Harcourt Township of Port Harcourt Municipality (Published)

This study assessed residents satisfaction with residential quality of life in two neighbourhoods of Port Rivers State, Nigeria – that is two from the old Port Harcourt township of the city. The study set out to ascertain residents’ satisfactiom of neighbourhood attributes, sanitation attributes and residential quality of life. Neighbourhood attributes were studied in situ without experimental manipulation and at one period in time, i.e. the study adopted a passive-observational research design. The study utilized both secondary and primary data sources. Primary data was collected using face-to-face administration of a largely pre-coded household questionnaire, to a probability sample of 193 respondents, drawn from the 2 neighbourhoods. Data analysis was based on responses from 193 questionnaires retrieved and the univariate analytical method was adopted. The study found, that residential quality of life in Port Harcourt Municipality was low with garbage on the streets and neighbourhoods. The study further revealed that most residents were dissatisfied with their residential conditions such as electricity supply, water supply and waste collection and disposal. The study further revealed that 45.5% of the residents in Old Port Harcourt  township and 26.0% in Coronation Layout were unhappy with their residential quality of life. A key conclusion of the study was that the improvement of neighbourhood residential conditions as perceived by the residents was important in raising residential quality of life, and recommendations included that in the provision of public infrastructure and services , the perceptions and preferences of the beneficiaries/target population must be  taken into account to achieve user satisfaction. To achieve adequate provision of infrastructure and amenities government should take advantage of funds available in the National Urban Development Bank, assistance from international development agencies and through private-public-partnership (PPP) arrangements.

Keywords: Life, Port Harcourt Municipality, Port Harcourt Township, Residential Quality, Residents’ Satisfaction

The Journey as Structural and Instrumental Technique in Nigerian Children’s Fiction (Published)

One unique feature of Nigerian children’s literature is the exploitation of the framework of journey to establish the relationship between the physical journey and the journey of life. Thus, the major characters in most books for children are always on a journey. This is very significant, as it helps the child brave up for the unpredictability of life, especially at this time when his mind is still impressionistic. Through textual analysis of select Nigerian children’s fiction, this paper reveals that the journey as used in these children’s books does not only serve structural purposes but also didactic and instructional.

Keywords: Fiction, Journey, Life, Literature, Nigeria, Relationship, children


The sanctity of human life is commonly adjudged as placing great moral burden on man. On this premise, some philosophers opined that man has no right to terminate his life. While others argued that having received life as a gift, man has the right to reject the gift when he perceives that there is no value in remaining alive. This could be due to grave illness or other forms of dissatisfaction. There are various arguments presented both in favour and against suicide by these proponents. Notable among the protagonists are some philosophers. The study therefore, seeks to examine the philosophical perceptions of suicide and implications on the sanctity of human life. The writer applied philosophical, sociological and historical research methodology in his investigation. It is recommended that man should not necessary see suicide as the right option for escaping the vicissitudes of life, which are often likely to confront man. On the other hand, it is a tremendous moral burden on man if he decides to terminate his life since he would be depriving those he could have supported, both financially and morally. The study also recommended that man should uphold the sanctity of life, as life is a gift from God. Man cannot give life and not justified to also take life, the study argued.

Keywords: Life, Perceptions, Philosophical, Sanctity, Suicide


Research is turning up the heat on zesty herbs and spices, pointing out that a spicier life may be a healthier one. Spices are important ingredients in our daily diet although they are used in small quantities.1 Spices and herbs have occupied an important place in the culinary preparations of several ancient and modern kitchens from time immemorial.

Keywords: Human Nutrition, Life, Spices