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Personal Needs as Correlates of Life Skills Needs of First Year Students at College of Technology Education, Kumasi. (Published)

The study investigated personal and life skills needs of first year students of College of Technology Education, Kumasi. The study established relationship between personal and life skills needs. Descriptive survey design was employed for the study. The population involved first year students. Purposive sampling was used to select 263 students. One set of questionnaire was used to gather data from students. The reliability estimate of the questionnaire was 0.82. Data were analyzed using means and standard deviation, percentages, Pearson Correlation and simple regression. The study found that developing confidence was the common personal need of students. Learning to make decision was found to be the most perceived life skills needs. Significant and positive relationship was established between life skills and personal needs. It was recommended that guidance coordinators should provide counselling services to students periodically to equip them with life skills and decision making skills to solve problems.

Keywords: Communication Skills, Decision Abilities, Life Skills Needs, Personal Needs, Psychosocial Competencies