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Effect of Managerial Efficiency on Corporate Financial Performance of Quoted Nigerian Firms (Published)

Managerial skills, performance and firm characteristics are vital in organizations as such, influence the financial performance of firms. Empirical studies have shown that management of firms have difficulties balancing short and long term results leading to corporate insolvency and loss of confidence by investors. This study examined managerial efficiency and corporate financial performance of quoted Nigerian firms. Ex-post facto design was adopted for the study. The population covered 169 quoted firms as at 31st December 2017. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Findings revealed that ME has moderate explanatory power on variations in ROA (F(5, 895)=1065.67, Adj. R2=.1913, p˂0.05) but a weaker explanatory power on changes in Total Q (F(5, 895)=37.61, Adj. R2=.1085, p˂0.05). The study recommended that management of firms should strengthen their cost management strategies and apply cost-benefit analysis in their decisions for stakeholders’ economic decisions.

Keywords: Cost of production, Debt equity ratio, Life cycle, Return on Assets, Total quality