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Quality of Licensing Services and One Stop Service in Medan City, Indonesia (Published)

Responsiveness is a policy to help and provide fast service to customers. In service, the ability to immediately overcome failures professionally can provide a positive perception of service quality. The form of concern can be done either through the achievement of information or explanations or through actions that can be felt by the customer. Based on the objectives of the one-stop Integrated Investment and Services Service, with the aspiration to provide quality services of course, the hope is to realize the rights of the people to get services that are easy, fast, efficient and effective. The best service is the most beneficial for the community. For this reason, the service program is a patron for the Medan One-Stop Investment and Integrated Service Service in carrying out all daily activities in providing services to the community. To discuss the formulation of the problem obtained and based on the concept of the concept of public service by Kotler (suprapto, 1997) which provides an assessment dimension of service quality with its relevance through the objectives of the Medan City One Stop Service and Investment Services

Keywords: Licensing Services; One Stop Services; Medan