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Public Libraries in Nigeria: Resources and Services for Young Adults (Published)

Public libraries play fundamental roles in the mental and intellectual development of young adults via the provision of resources and services fitted for their information needs. Unfortunately, this cannot be said of public libraries in Nigeria. The situation is not helped by the paucity of scholarship that particularly examines young adults’ resource/service satisfaction as a separate category of users in the Nigerian public library system. Hence, this paper critically examines the information needs of young adult patrons of public libraries in Nigeria, with the Oyo State Public Library as a case study. Research questions were formulated, with the questionnaire as the data collection instrument. A total of 110 copies of the questionnaire were distributed, out of which 92 (86.3% of the representative population) were retrieved. The study reveals dissatisfaction by young adult patrons with the Library’s services due to its inadequate infrastructure, collections, and trained library staff. Appropriate recommendations were proffered.

Keywords: Public libraries, Young Adults, information needs, library resources and services.