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Management of Learning Space in Academic Libraries in Imo State, Nigeria: Prospects, Challenges and Solutions (Published)

This study investigated the practice and adoption of management of library learning space in academic libraries in Imo State. The survey design approach was adopted with the use of questionnaire to elucidate responses from the respondents comprising the five (5) Heads of academic libraries. Results of the frequency Tables revealed that though the heads of libraries has high academic qualifications but were not exposed to current training on practice and adoption of management of library learning space hence the practice is low and unpopular. The prevalent conditions of library buildings without provisions for learning space, lack of formal management tool; lack of steady power supply; lack of financial support by the institutions’ administration, among others, are responsible for the low practice and poor status of library learning space management. However there are indications that library building plans in the future has features that can be converted to learning space especially when solutions proffered to the identified challenges are strictly adhered to.

Keywords: academic library building, library learning space, library management, library space management