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Library and Information Services Delivery and Researchers’ Scholarly Communication Outputs in Agricultural Research Institutes in North-Central, Nigeria (Published)

The study is an attempt at understanding researchers’ perception of the relationship between library and information services delivery and their scholarly communication outputs in four National Agricultural Research Institutes Libraries in North-Central Nigeria. Library and information services was proxied as Current Awareness Services (CAS), Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI), Internet Services (IS), Inter-Library Loan Services (ILLS), Reference Services (RS) and Circulation Services (CS). The study was guided by six hypotheses.  The researchers employed a correlation survey design and questionnaires were used for data collection. 820 respondents from the respective agricultural research institutes were sampled out of a population of 1,642 for the study and Pearson Product-Moment Correlation Coefficient (PPMCC) was used to test the hypotheses. The study found that all the six library and information services delivery measured as CAS, SDI, IS, ILLS, RS and CS have positive significant relationship with researchers’ scholarly communication outputs in Agricultural Research Institutes in North-Central Nigeria. It was recommended that Agricultural Research Institutes administrators should put in more financial, human and material resources to enhance the already existing services delivery to the researchers as the prominent aim of any library is to provide the right information, in the right medium and at the right time.

Keywords: Agricultural Research Institutes, library and information services, researchers’ scholarly communication output