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Impact of Personal Characteristics and Environmental Factors on Librarians in University Libraries in Nigeria (Published)

This paper seeks to identify the personal and environmental characteristics of librarians in Nigeria. It also investigates the impact of personal characteristics of librarians on structured jobs within the library environment.The survey used questionnaires to gather data from 216 samples in federal, state and private university libraries in Nigeria. A total of 250 questionnaires were distributed physically and online over a period of four months. Respondents were requested to choose a position on a five-point scale.The study showed that the perceived personal characteristics of Librarians are interrelated and can be used to appraise the personality traits and impact on self-delivery. Librarians in Nigerian universities demonstrate distinctive personality qualities that align with established professional knowledge, organizational/environmental, and social factors.The study has implications for librarians, library information professionals, and library management. Librarians should attain a high level of self-development and a higher level of reasoning. To avoid lapses, librarians should develop effective personal attributes related to conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness that enhance the meaningful application of the traits for many assigned jobs.

Keywords: librarians; personality; non-cognitive skills; soft skills; environmental competencies, personal characteristics