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The Influencing Factors of Procurement Regulatory Compliance by Tanzanian Local Government Authorities: Case of Arusha Region (Published)

The overarching objective of this study was to determine the Individual Factors Influencing Procurement Regulatory Compliance by Tanzanian Local Government Authorities. A descriptive survey research design was employed where 4 (four) Local Government Authorities in Arusha Region (Arusha City Council, Arusha District Council, Meru District Council and Monduli District Council) were studied. Guided research questions based variables; Personal Qualification, Staff awareness of Procurement Rules and Regulation, Staff Training on Procurement Procedures and Employees Workload were studied. Related literature to this research was studied based on the aforementioned variables. Reliability of research instruments was tested using test-retest and validated by experts in academic research. Purposive sampling was used to select the appropriate sample size of 185 respondents from a population of 200 respondents. Descriptive (mean) and inferential t-test statistics were used to analyse the data. Results showed that personal qualification, staff awareness of procurement rules and regulation, staff training and employees’ workload influences the compliances of procurement regulatory by Local Government Authorities. Individual factors influence the compliance of public procurement regulations in the LGAs by 83%. To enhance compliance to public procurement regulations, adequate training on procurement laws and regulations have to be provided to procurement staff, tender board members and accounting officers so as to ensure that service is rendered objectively and with accountability.

Keywords: Compliance, LGAs, Public Procurement Regulations