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Language and Situation: An Examination of the English Language in Nigeria (Published)

Language cannot be separated from the society. It is the unifying instrument among the members of any given society. Languages are used in situations. If the situation is not given, there is nothing the language use could be marched with. It is on this note that this paper examined language and situation with particular reference to English language in Nigeria context. Various crucial aspects of language were examined. Some English lexical items were also discussed in various situations. The paper concluded that the choice of lexical items used in communication is determined by certain factors in situational context. It was therefore recommended that every language speaker should study and understand the situation in which he/she finds himself/herself before selecting lexical items. A good knowledge of register is also expected of every speaker and writer of English. This will go a long way in assisting the speaker’s/writer’s choice of appropriate lexical items as situation demands.

Keywords: Language, Register, Situation, lexical items


This study is intended to help Saudi students to develop their lexical items and to provide insights into the use of lexical items especially synonymy and hyponymy. It discusses the role of sense relations in general and synonymy and hyponymy in particular in teaching the meaning of English lexical items. It is going to involve the concepts of semantics, reference, sense and sense relationships in addition to synonymy and hyponymy. A list of words is presented through a student test to participants, who are asked to respond. 30 Saudi students are considered as participants involved in this study. The researchers used SPSS program to analyze the data collected by the tools of the study. By using these concepts Saudi students will develop their language lexical items.

Keywords: hyponymy, lexical items, semantic features, sense relations, synonymy