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International Standard for Publishing and Legal Deposit Compliance (Published)

This paper started by encouraging participants to pour creative ideas in writing and publishing, acquiring ISBN/ISSN for easy access and depositing same for posterity.  It goes on to examine the developmental stages of ISBN/ISSN and legal deposit.  It discusses the benefits of ISBN/ISSN and legal deposit to librarians and those in the publishing business, it evaluates the level of compliance and concludes that, though many publishers do comply there is still a lot to be done by the National Library and the publishers.  It recommends that National Library should organise more seminars and workshops to educate publishers and sensitise them on the importance of ISBN/ISSN and legal deposit, that legal deposit nothing should be tied to the issuance of ISBN/ISSN, to enforce compliance.

Keywords: Compliance, Deposit, International, Legal, Standard, publishing

The North Korean Nuclear Crisis: An Assessment of the Legal Justification of the Use of Force by the United States (Published)

Since the outbreak of North Korean nuclear crisis, there have been many calls on the United States government to apply tougher measures on the DPRK to deal with its provocations and defiance on the Non-Nuclear Proliferation Regime. Tougher measures on North Korea include sanctions and the use of force. However, any eventual use of force by the United States on North Korea will be illegal if it does not meet the criteria of the Caroline Doctrine that requires that anticipatory self-defense be both necessary and proportional. Furthermore, any use of force that goes beyond the Caroline Doctrine will undermine the Articles 2 and 51 of the United Nations Charter that allows war only in self-defense. Given the fact that any use of force on North Korea will challenge the normative basis on which global society has been supported, it is imperative to solve the nuclear crisis through negotiations by continuing the Six Party Talks, with a commitment not only on the part of the DPRK to give up its nuclear program but also on the United States to sign a Non-Aggression Pact with Pyongyang that replaces the armistice of 1953, so as to assure that its survival as a State will not be at stake.

Keywords: Legal, North Korean, Nuclear Crisis, United States, Use of Force


The objective of the study was to investigate how Bosomtwe Rural Bank has managed Corporate Social Responsibility practices for competitive advantage. Bosomtwe Rural Bank was used for a case study and twenty-five management and senior staff were sampled for the study. Questionnaires were used to collect data from the respondents. Major findings were that the bank strategically manages CSR and has fully integrated CSR into their business operations. It was also seen that most of the CSR practices of Bosomtwe Rural bank are directed to development of education and community development. It was also identified that major advantage that Bosomtwe Rural Bank enjoys from CSR is enhancement of corporate reputation and relations with key stakeholders. It was recommended that the bank looks for actions that can enhance their reputation and improves relations with key stakeholders and integrate them into their corporate strategy

Keywords: Economic, Ethical, Legal, Philanthropic, Stakeholders, Strategies.