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Privatization of National Electric Company (Published)

Electricity is one branch of production that is important for the livelihood of the people and controlled by the state and used for the benefit and welfare of the people in accordance with the mandate of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia. However, the emergence of problem of electricity in Indonesia related to privatization becomes controversial  because it will affect the increase in electricity tariffs that will be a burden for the country and even the people. In this paper discuss about the privatization of national electricity companies in terms of elements of the law on electricity. Electrification privatization is caused by the influence of foreign parties who seek to profit from the national electricity that should be controlled by the state. Structure in electrification are parties having authority in making electricity policy at central and regional level. While the substance of the law in electricity is all regulations and policies that regulate the electricity. The legal culture in the electricity industry is matters related to the way officials or officials concerned implement the provisions and policies as regulated in the law of the electricity sector and how the businessmen in the electricity sector understand, obey and implement the provisions and policies in the field electrification.

Keywords: Electricity, Legal Structure, Privatization