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Legal and Institutional Frameworks for Settlement of Foreign Investment Disputes in Nigeria (Published)

The need for an elaborate legal and institutional framework for the settlement of foreign investment disputes in Nigeria has become a subject utmost importance. This is because; such sound legal framework attracts foreign investments which automatically lead to greater economic development of the country. Therefore, this work has examined relevant Nigerian legal framework for the promotion and protection of foreign investments in Nigeria. Concepts like models of alternative dispute (ADR) resolution, customary law arbitration, and capital market operations and investment regulations were discussed. The recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments have equally been discussed and fully analyzed. Issues like relevance of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in resolving investment disputes and fostering investment development, challenges associated with ADR and examples of ADR utilization by the Nigerian Government have equally been fully addressed in the present study.

Keywords: Disputes, Nigeria, foreign investment, institutional frameworks settlement, legal frameworks