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Lecturers’ Perception of the Usefulness of Computer-Based Examination in Tertiary Institutions in Edo State, Nigeria (Published)

This study investigated lecturers’ perception of the usefulness of computer-based examination in tertiary institutions in Edo State, Nigeria. Three research questions guided this study while one hypotheses was tested at 0.05 level of significance. The study adopted the descriptive survey research design. The population of this study was 1,480 lecturers in three tertiary institutions in Edo State. A sample of 148 lecturers was chosen for this study. The instrument used was the researcher designed questionnaire titled: “Lecturers Perception on the Use of the Computer-Based Examination Questionnaire (LEPUCBETEQ)”. The instrument was validated by the researchers with assistants of two other experts in Educational Management. The reliability test was carried out on the instrument using test-re-test reliability method and a reliability index of 0.82 was obtained. The data collected were analyzed using percentage and one way analysis of variance. The findings of the study showed that the lecturers had positive perception on the use of the CBE by students and that lecturers had positive perception on students’ acceptability of the use of computer-based examination and that no significant difference exist in lecturers’ perception of the use of CBE as a mode of assessment of the students in the tertiary institutions based on school type. It was recommended that Vice-Chancellors of universities, Rectors of polytechnics and Provosts of Colleges of Education should introduce Computer-Based Examination in their schools as mode of students’ assessment and that government as proprietors of these institutions should endeavour to provide the necessary ICT facilities for the full implementation of CBE in the tertiary institutions.

Keywords: Computer-Based Examination, Lecturers’ Perception, Tertiary Institutions, Usefulness