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Unmasking the Effectiveness of Computer Assisted Instruction in the Teaching and Learning of Social Studies in Cross River State College of Education Akamkpa, Cross River State, Nigeria (Published)

In this study, comparative analysis of Computer assisted instruction and traditional (lecture) method of teaching and learning Social Studies in College of Education Akamkpa, Cross River State was investigated. The objective of the study was to determine if there is a significant difference in the effects of the treatment and control groups as measured by the pretest and posttest. The population of the study was a class of Sixty (60) College students in Social Studies taught with the use of CAI and another class of Sixty (60) students taught with the use of the traditional (lecture) method. There was no sampling since the entire population was used. The research method used was quasi –experimental, non-equivalent control group design. The statistical tool was the t-test. The researchers made used of the CD-ROM prepared to serve as the teaching medium for the experimental group. A 10-item questionnaire was also used to seek the opinion of the students on the effectiveness of both teaching methods (CAI and traditional). The findings of the study revealed that the achievement posttest of the treatment group has higher estimated marginal values than the control group. The result of the study also showed that the combination of CAI and collaborative work improves teaching and learning. Despite the limitation of the study being conducted in one classroom, with one teacher and Sixty (60) students, the result cannot be generalized to other schools. Conclusively, it was recommended among others that teachers should attempt to be ICT complaint to enhance their chances of using CAI innovative in teaching Social Studies

Keywords: Academic Achievement, Computer Assisted Instruction, Lecture Method, Social Studies